The Longevity Brand:
4 ways to make products that last a lifetime

Davek, producers of exceptionally strong umbrellas that are built to last, outlines the 4 most important lessons on making products that endure the test of time. 

For companies who want to make products that will last a lifetime, it’s important to know up front that successfully bringing your good to market is much harder than just coming up with the right product design.

Avoid the inertia to compromise 

Particularly in the Far East, where manufacturers frequently work with clients whose goal is to achieve the lowest price, factories will look for ways to save money and increase efficiency. They might switch suppliers with minor differences in materials, or resist too many quality checkpoints in production. You could receive requests to omit a certain aesthetic of your product to streamline assembly.  These compromises might seem small, but collectively they will have a significant impact on the final result. When you’re asked to compromise, do the opposite. Insist on material authenticity and look for ways to improve how your product is assembled, without sacrificing those important and often small design cues that make it special. 

Implement a quality control program at the beginning of production, not the end

Many companies wait until the production is complete to perform their quality review, making sure all is well before the stock is shipped. This is a big mistake. After production is complete, little can be done to fix any product issues. Work with your manufacturer to establish several quality checkpoints at the beginning of the process, as soon as the parts and materials arrive. 

Choose the right country of origin

Choose a factory in the best geographic location for producing the product, whether that be in the US, China, Italy, Germany, or another country.  Don’t shy away from the costs associated with using the best manufacturer for whatever you’re making, even if it means having to charge a little bit more for your product. Remember, the value proposition for goods that last a lifetime is longevity, not price. The people who will buy your product will do so because they would rather purchase one item that lasts than an endless stream of cheaper replacements.

Offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee

It’s not enough to make a product that lasts – exemplary service is part of the lifetime equation.  Despite your best efforts to create a durable product, you’ll still have the occasional defect.  Adding an unconditional lifetime guarantee that extends the good beyond its normal shelf life shows customers just how much you stand beyond your product’s durability.

DAVEK is a global provider of high performance umbrellas.  DAVEK Umbrellas are available at, select Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue locations, and specialty stores nationwide.




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