If you need to send in your umbrella for maintenance:
After registration, send us the item and payment for return shipping & handling (click here to pay by credit card). You will receive an email with credit card payment confirmation shortly after the transaction is complete. Please send a copy of this transaction confirmation receipt back with the unit and be sure to include your shipping address with return. Please send to the address shown below.

DAVEK - Repair/Replacement
115 West 30th Street
Suite 1205
New York, NY 10001
Attn: Lifetime Guarantee

NO DROP-OFFS, please mail the product to us. Do not return the product to the store at which it was purchased. Do not include your loss protection card with the return (keep this in case you lose your umbrella). Allow 2 weeks for replacement unit. Davek reserves the option to replace any item returned with a replacement model of comparable value. If your model is out of stock or no longer carried, we will send you a replacement model of comparable value at our discretion. This warranty does not apply for products purchased via unauthorized third-party dealers (i.e. eBay, unauthorized Amazon resller, etc.). For U.S. addresses only.