Lost Tracker vs. Digital Tether—what’s the difference?

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Apple AirTags, Tile trackers, and other similar tracking devices all help owners find their keys and other misplaced items. That’s a good thing.  So, what’s the difference between those trackers and the Davek Sensor?

The Davek Sensor is a digital tether (not a tracker)

Tracking devices help you find a misplaced item, most often within your immediate surroundings, after you’ve lost it. The Davek sensor is designed to keep an item by your side and prevent its loss in the first place.  A digital tether focuses on this one thing:  alerting you if the separation between the sensor and your phone exceeds a certain range, preventing you from leaving the item behind.

The Davek Sensor keeps your umbrella by your side

The digital tether is more about loss prevention, while the trackers are about loss recovery. Imagine if you had an invisible leash attached to your umbrella whenever you used it—you would never lose it. In a nutshell, that’s what the Davek sensor does. So, to locate a lost item inside your home, office, or elsewhere, use a tracker. To keep it by your side to prevent loss, use the Davek Sensor.

A custom solution for umbrellas

People lose all sorts of things, but we designed the sensor for one thing in particular: your umbrella. Unlike most other accessories, an umbrella’s use is tied directly to the weather. As a result, people use umbrellas differently than most accessories.  When it rains, your umbrella is a priority—when it stops raining, though, well, let’s just says you’ve got other things on your mind.  For that reason, the vast majority of umbrellas get lost because they’re accidentally left behind.

That’s why a digital tether makes more sense for umbrellas than for other items.  And let’s be honest, who wants to go on a wild goose chase, trying to recover your lost umbrella?  Better to just keep it by your side in the first place.  This tiny Davek Sensor is uniquely designed to affix directly to an umbrella’s canopy, the perfect place to keep it discrete and hidden, even while your umbrella is tightly furled.