Why the Best Umbrella Should Be Built Like a Car

Precision engineering. Responsive handling. Stylish and streamlined design.

This sounds more like a description of a high-performance automobile than something that’s essentially meant to keep the rain off your head. But there are more similarities than you think. 

The best umbrella performs flawlessly.

We know—a high performance…umbrella?  Traditionally, ‘high-performance’ was a term people mostly associated with things like high-end audio equipment or the automotive industry. But over the last decade, consumers have become increasingly interested in purchasing products that are built to last, even within the most mundane categories. That’s why we’re seeing high-performance options appearing in every product category imaginable—from athletic footwear to luggage.

What does it take to make the world’s best umbrella?

Precision engineering.

The best umbrella is one that’s built to last. This means that the best umbrella must be engineered to perfection.

Highly rated and critically acclaimed, a Davek umbrella’s dependability comes from its frame, which contains an uncommon blend of fiberglass, steel and aircraft-grade aluminum. It takes 96 painstaking steps and over 12 points of inspection to create a single Davek umbrella. The result is an umbrella frame of unparalleled strength, built to last considerably longer than your standard umbrella.

Built for protection.

The best umbrella has one job to do, and we want to make sure it does that job as well as possible. A Davek umbrella’s unique blend of rigidity and flexibility gives it the strength to resist 90% of all natural wind and the flexibility to revert back unharmed if turned inside out. Our goal is not to just make a better umbrella, but a perfect one.

To put it simply, when you use the world’s best umbrella, it won’t let you down even in heavy winds or the strongest of storms.

Designed with modern style and timeless appeal.

Is the best umbrella the one that stands out in a crowd? We think so, but in the right way.

We love understated elegance.  We love design cues that communicate authenticity and attention to detail.  Yes, our umbrellas are durable and guaranteed to last. But they also provide a guarantee against the mundane and uninspired, with a contemporary and striking aesthetic appeal. The best umbrella will offer a sleek, attractive and exciting alternative to a decidedly bland typical umbrella market.

Made from the best materials.

The old saying is right—you get what you pay for. The best umbrella will cost more, and for good reason.  

We only use the finest materials to make our umbrellas. Davek umbrellas are engineered for ultimate durability. Rather than buying two or three umbrellas every year, our customers buy one high quality product that will last for years. We understand the implicit agreement: If you make a bigger investment in your umbrella, we will give you the world’s best umbrella—one that will stand the test of time.

The Best Umbrella

Engineered for perfection? Flawless performance? Modern styling? Yes, these are the buzzwords often used in the lexicon of automotive design. But there is no reason why these high-performance standards can’t be applied to categories long ignored by designers and engineers. Pick up a Davek umbrella and you will immediately sense the umbrella’s durability. We rebuilt the frame from the ground up, and created a work of art.

We believe that a great accessory can transcend its practical purpose and become something much more, a powerful and eloquent representation of its owner’s taste and values. Engineering excellence is hard to achieve, but easy to see.

The best umbrella will be the last umbrella you’ll ever need.

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