Strong, sleek—and never lost. These high-performance umbrellas will connect seamlessly to your smart phone. Never lose your umbrella again!

Hidden in the handle of this sleek umbrella is a tiny Bluetooth-based "proximity chip." This chip broadcasts a silent signal, read by your smart phone. By connecting the chip to your phone, we’re able to build an invisible leash between your umbrella—and you.
The feature will automatically activate when you pick up your umbrella. Now, if the distance between the chip and your phone exceeds a certain distance—30 ft or so—the umbrella would send a reminder to your phone. Never forget your umbrella again!
Setting it up is easy. Download our free app on your phone (via Apple App store or Google Play). Simply hold the umbrella near the phone for 60 seconds. The umbrella will automatically connect. You can easily turn the alert off or pause it for the day. Plus, a convenient weather module will show you the forecast, letting you know if you’ll need an umbrella for the day.

Davek Loss Alert uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to keep your umbrella by your side. Because BLE consumes very low power, a single battery will last for 1-3 years, depending on use.  We've designed the chip to detect when the umbrella is in use and when it's not.  If it's not in active use, it will go into sleep-mode.  The second you pick it up, it goes into wake-mode. Radio distance varies slightly from actual distance, depending on nearby materials and obstacles, so there may be a minor variance when a notification is sent.  The module complies with all FCC, IC and CE certification requirements. Warranty for this item will be determined after development.